Learn How Medical Marijuana Helps in Deadly Diseases like Dravet Syndrome

Medical Marijuana HelpsDravet Syndrome is a very severe form of epilepsy. This is a disease that usually results in the poor development of the child and can even be fatal in most cases. Those kids who suffer from this disease can suffer repeatedly with severe form of epilepsy. The Dravet Syndrome causes such severe seizures that it can lead to severe damage to the brain and cause development delays in almost every sphere of life of the child.

The Dravet Syndrome cannot be treated with conventional medications. The usual medications given in the treatment of epilepsy only helps the patient minimally. S, it is important that the best medicine available is used in the treatment of Dravet Syndrome. Some important aspects about Dravet Syndrome and its treatment with medical marijuana are listed here:

1. Single drug versus multiple drugs: When Dravet Syndrome is treated, several medications in high doses need to be given to the child. This can lead to serious problems in the child because of multiple side effects. The child can also be completely sedated and sleepy all the time. This can also lead to various problems in the development. When the medical marijuana is used, it will ensure that it replaces almost all the other medications. Instead of using 10 different drugs to control Dravet Syndrome, a single dose of medical marijuana would be equally effective.
2. Effective in small doses: The other important aspect about the use of medical marijuana is that it can be used in small doses and provides the same effect as multiple drugs of high doses. So, the treatment of the disease is easy and also effective with the use of this medication.
3. Reduces epileptic seizures: Epileptic seizures in Dravet Syndrome can be very severe and it can occur many times even in a single day. It needs the best treatment to reduce severity and frequency of seizures. The medical marijuana provides just that and helps in controlling the seizure episodes.
4. Boosts brain growth: It is very important for the child to have normal brain growth. The disease apart, poor brain functioning and poor brain development can lead to lasting deficits that the child will have. This could make the child grow into a dependent person who needs support all through life. The use of medical marijuana ensures that the seizures are controlled and normal brain growth in the child occurs. This helps in ensuring that the child will lead a near normal life. Medical marijuana is much better and more effective than all the existing drugs put together.

How to effectively choose the right medical marijuana strain

marijuana indica seedThere are several tips that one can use to select the right kind of marijuana strain that is useful in the curbing of a disease. There are several factors that need to be kept in consideration before choosing the specific strain of marijuana. Some of the various factors to be considered are listed here:

1. Level of CBD and THC present in the strain: The most important factor that makes a difference in the strain of marijuana that is being used, is based on the amount of CBD or THC available in the marijuana. If the disease condition is related to depression, it is important to use strains that have a high level of THC in them. This will help in getting rid of depression and instead the affected person will feel good. On the other hand, if a person is suffering from other kinds of chronic diseases which are not psychiatric in nature, it is better to use strains that have high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC in them. If a person suffers from diseases where there is a combination of psychiatric problems and also problems of the body, it is better to use strains that have high levels of both CBD and THC in them.

2. Time of the day at which the medicine is being used: The time of the day at which the medicine is being used also plays a role in selecting the right marijuana strain. The strains that have a high level of THC in them should not be consumed during the daytime, especially if you are planning on some activity after using the medicine. This is because of the elated feeling that you are having may interfere with the activity and you may not be able to perform the duty up to the standard expected of you. If it is taken in the night before sleep, it will not affect your work. The medical marijuana that has higher levels of CBD can be consumed at any time of the day or night.

3. Desired effect from the marijuana strain: The other aspect that may play a role in choosing the right strain of marijuana is based on the effect that is desired by you. Some people try out different strains of pain killer marijuana strains till they find the best effective strain, which is continued. Similarly epileptic children are given different strains till the right one, that is highly effective, is found. Once the right strain is identified, it is continued till the disease is cured.

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